Our pool tables come in 5 sizes and 4 standard colors. They are listed as follows:

  • Model #'s: 600E, 600L, 600M, 600N
  • Model #'s: 650E, 650L, 650M, 650N
  • Model #'s: 700E, 700L, 700M, 700N
  • Model #'s: 800E, 800L, 800M, 800N
  • Model #'s: 900E, 900L, 900M, 900N
  • Model #: BPE This is our Bumper Pool Table (This is only one size but can come in any of the standard colors)

600 stands for 6' table, 650 would be 6 1/2' table and so on.
The "E" stands for "Eagle" which in the name for our table with mahogany laminate and green cloth.
The "L" stands for "Legacy" which would be black laminate with electric blue cloth.
The "M" stands for "Monarch" which would be light oak laminate with green cloth.
The "N" stands for "Neon Lites" which would be black laminate, black cloth, electric blue rail cloth and neon yellow trim. This particular table will glow under a black light.

If it is a non coin table or home table, the letter "H" is added after the table size such as 600HE, 700HE....

The only difference between the coin operated version and the non coin version is that coin operated tables have a coin mechanism and requires money to play. When you put the quarters in the coin mech, the balls are released from the dump bar mechanism. When the balls is hit into the pocket, the ball rolls down the subway system inside the table and is held in the dump bar mechanism.

A non coin table is built the exact same way as a coin op but doesn't have the dump bar mech or a coin mech. The balls are returned to one end of the table where you can grab them yourself.

Now we have a couple of options that can be added for an additional upcharge to any of these tables.

  • Custom Color Cloth - meaning you can specify another color other than what we stock which is green, electric blue or black.
  • Custom Color Laminate - meaning you can specify another color other than what we stock which is mahogany, black or light oak.
  • Gold Trim meaning all the chrome trim on our pool tables can be done in a gold color.
  • Drop Pocket version. The non coin pool table can be done with internal drop pockets instead of a ball return (or subway) system. The model # would be something like 600HDE for 6' Eagle drop pocket pool table. (there would be a reduction in the price if the customer wanted a drop pocket version of the non coin table)